Memory for generation and generation

On May 9, 1945, the Allies surrendered Nazi Germany. The winged wings of the eagle were broken and his fingernails cut. On the ruins of a smoky Europe whose land remained soaked with the blood of Jews, the world began to breathe in relief. With a fanfare of victors intermingled with the tears of the Mamans to console themselves, a new sun shone on a freer world.

Throughout the world, the date of the surrender of the Third Reich and the end of World War II are celebrated with pride and humility. In the Commonwealth of Independent States and in Israel, Victory Day is celebrated on the 9th of May, in solemn and memorable ceremonies.

At the initiative of the great Jewish Governor, Mr. Gabriel German Ben Nissan Reshal and Tehila Zacharyev, Vice President of the Russian Jewish Congress and President of the Stamagi World Charity Organization and of the Gedolei Yisrael, Chief Rabbis of Israel and representatives of the nation, it was decided to commemorate the victory and rescue of a Jew Europe from the clutches of the Nazis, too, according to the Hebrew date.

On the 26th of Iyar, when the Jewish people began to shake off the ashes of the furnaces and the dust of its history, the event will be marked with the symbol of the eternity of Israel that will not lie and the miracle of the true Jewish rebirth of a people whose strength is in spirit. On this day we will note the miracle of physical rescue and the secret of spiritual resurrection.

On this day we will thank our God for the redemption of our souls, for the liberation of the millions of Jews who have left the darkness of darkness and enslavement to salvation. … All over the world, the voice of the Torah and the prayer of Jews is echoing again, and under the fire of the furnaces is a woman of Torah. Generations of descendants of the Jews, shaded by fire, continue the golden line until the coming of Yinon, for it will not be forgotten by its seed.

On the 26th of Iyar, we will remember the ascent of the millions of our dear brethren, led by the great Torah giants who were killed and who were massacred by the Nazis and their accomplices and about a quarter of a million Jews who sacrificed their lives during the war.

On this day we shall write with iron nails the history and history of our brethren. We will engrave their memory and will on a tablet to his heart. The generation of generations that arose from the dust, descendants who fulfill the Torah and mitzvot are not a silent monument but a living commemoration and the voice of their Torah is a triumphant trumpeting of those who rise up upon us, an eternal monument in memory of our loved ones.

Our prayer to the High Holy One, blessed be He, that we merit to fulfill what has been said: “And I will give them in my house and in my walls Yad VaShem … There I will give him a world that will not be cut off” (Isaiah 56: 5)

We will spread our meaning in the prayer: “The right of our fathers will protect us, the eternity of Israel from our troubles, our redemption, and from the exile of exile to us and above us, to win the work of the House of God.” The coming of a righteous redeemer is fast in our days.